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The goal of the campaign was to win new customers for Swisscom TV. The internet television offering live football from Europe‘s top leagues – the perfect offering for die-hard football fans. That’s why this campaign for once, didn’t celebrate the stars, but the true heroes of football: the fans.


Nothing is worse for a fan than to watch his team lose. That's why, we turned exactly this into the challenge. Football fans had to prove how much of a fan they were by watching a 30s pre-roll with the worst moments in their club's history all the way to the end.

If you watched it to the end, you could sign up with your email address for Swisscom TV and win tickets for a real Champions League game.

„This campaign changed the way people looked at the preroll. Literally.“

– Dominique Läser, Senior Digital Strategy Consultant, Google


Football fans are all kind of people which makes it difficult to target them based on conventional factors. They only have one common denominator, which is at the same time the most relevant for communicating our offer: interest in football. That's why we chose an interest-based approach by using active behaviour (searching for football team) into our targeting-strategy. Offering the chance to win tickets offered the incentive for clicking and thereby switching to the own web platform of our client.


This campaign was part of the beta phase of Google's Custom Intent Audiences. It allowed us a new form of targeting: football fans who searched in any form for their favorite clubs on Google, could later on be targeted on Youtube with the 30s fan challenge pre-roll.

The campaign was rolled out all over Switzerland from june to august 2019 making over 16 Million contacts.


Thanks to this campaign Swisscom TV has now more than 1.5 Million customers.

16% of all the viewers watched the 30s pre-roll to the end and participated in the competition.

With 2'316'524 video views in Switzerland (a country with a population of just 8.24 million habitants) the preroll performed extraordinarly well. 16% of the viewers were able to complete the competition and watched the video till the end.

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