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CUBOCC, Sao Paulo / DELL / 2016

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FARMSQUARE is a mobile website created to promote access to fruits and veggies, directly connecting people that grow them to people that want them, without any middlemen.

It is aimed at urban dwellers aware of sustainability issues and healthy lifestyles. Even if you just grow spices in your apartment window, you're a potential donor. Also, people can even donate stuff on their fridges that they know won't be used.


FARMSQUARE is based on geolocation and it is simple enough: People just need to access the mobile website, register, find the nearest available products and send a request. If the request is accepted by the donor, a chat window opens up so you can discuss delivery details. Or just talk about urban farming techniques. Or recipes. It is a free trading, non-competitive sustainable community, where everybody has the opportunity to exchange, learn and grow.


We just launched the platform and obtained more than 50,000 visits in less than a month with no media effort.

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