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FedEx NFL Playoffs Concert series

BBDO NEW YORK, New York / FEDEX / 2023

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Situation: FedEx has long been synonymous with overnight shipping, but lingering Covid-related service challenges and lagging perceptions as an innovator have resulted in declining brand relevance, particularly with Gen Z.

Brief: The brief was to use TikTok to introduce a new FedEx feature, Picture Proof of Delivery, to shippers and business owners alike.

Objectives: Our objectives were to drive awareness and increase brand trust, specifically with ages 18-34.


In 2021, over 150M people watched the NFL playoffs – more than the Super Bowl itself! With playoff fever about to explode once again, the only thing missing was the halftime show.

Until now – Introducing the FedEx NFL Playoffs Concert Series – on TikTok.

Unlike the Super Bowl Halftime Show, featuring the world’s most famous musicians, FedEx partnered with the NFL to give 12 up-and-coming artists the opportunity to share their music with the world on TikTok during halftime of one of the twelve NFL playoff games. We chose artists, most of which are unsigned, that represented a wide range of genres and performance styles.

Invitations to perform were sent via FedEx to each artist, showing off a new FedEx feature, Picture Proof of Delivery, while revealing performance dates. Then, at the halftime of each playoff game, one artist Live Streamed their set on TikTok to a captivated audience.


Knowing that our target audience was Gen Z, we looked to TikTok as it has the largest share of 18-29 year-olds compared to other platforms, with 60% of their users within that demographic. In order to gather data, we relied on metrics generated by boosting, with our main focus being on in-feed posts as they shared the majority of brand information.


Once announcement videos for each performer ran in the TikTok feed, it was go-time. Setlists were created. Rehearsals and soundchecks were made. And ugly bedroom lamps were moved out of frame. Behind the scenes of each playoff game, FedEx representatives were standing by to give each performer the cue to start their Live Stream performance on their own TikTok channel. The campaign launched one week before the NFL Playoffs (January 14) and ended on the day of the final playoff games (January 29)


20, 601, 934 Views

21,449, 697 Impressions

999, 099 Likes

10% Increase in awareness of new FedEx offering, “Picture Proof of Delivery.”

Significant lift in “brand for me” amongst the target audience

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