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OMD USA, New York / FEDEX / 2017

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People have a desire to give and spread joy around the holidays.

Unfortunately, large eCommerce retailers are getting credit for the joy and excitement around receiving a package, something that FedEx used to own.

How could FedEx take back this excitement and deliver the joy of the Holidays?

By providing holiday gift givers with the chance to “play Santa” by sponsoring the World’s Largest Secret Santa Online Gift Exchange.


The campaign leveraged FedEx’s busiest time of year, the peak holiday shipping season. All executions drove to a “Spread Cheer Worldwide” custom experience where Redditors were incentivized to ship their Secret Santa packages by using a FedEx ground shipping coupon.

To help drive scale, the effort consisted of multiple tactics across Digital and Social channels inclusive of homepage takeovers, promoted subreddit posts and supported tweets.

With help from influential celebrities, the campaign was able to capitalize on an extensive amount of sharing and interaction through Secret Santa Stories @RedditGifts.


Over 118,000 people signed up for the gift exchange, including some famous faces. Celebrity participation from business maven Bill Gates and musical artist Snoop Dogg helped the Gift Exchange get picked up by news outlets across the United States. This helped spark nearly a 20% increase in social conversations during the Holiday campaign.

With an acquisition cost of only $3 per participant for the gift exchange, FedEx was able to reach consumers while they were in the right joy-spreading mindset with an immersive brand experience! Additionally, this highly engaged audience delivered site visitors to that spent twice as much time as the average visitor.

The FedEx Secret Santa campaign was able to deliver joy across the globe, with packages being sent to places like the Netherlands, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

FedEx IS #HowTheHolidaysArrive!

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