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Fans have their own image of idols. Don’t show them “fake” images by using technology trying to create nearly real visuals or public image of idols, but utilize their imagination, and make them feel as if their one and only idol was real. A virtual reality without goggles.

To make this happen, we set a single taboo to integrate virtual and real. That is to keep the characters away from doing what actual people can’t do. We conducted a imaginary concert tour where characters go around Japan using multi-touch-points such as OOH, TV commercial, social media, etc. We shared candid photo shots of backstage, dining scenes at the actual restaurants and other moments of concert tour on social media in real time. By integrating on and offline touch points and even creating new media, we successfully stimulated fans’ imagination and let them believe the existence of the characters.


We conducted an imaginary concert tour of 7 major cities in Japan. Using OOH and local TV commercial of each area as main touch points, we created a multi-touch-point structure to make it come true.

It was conducted under single taboo; don’t let the characters do what actual people can’t do. The whole campaign lasted for 5 months, including 3 months of tour. To make the characters as real as possible, we strictly planned the schedule so that the characters did not appear in 2 different places at a same time. Also we appointed professional stylist and retouching staff as a team. We also used the actual restaurants around Japan to leave the evidence of the characters’ existence, created concert merch to let the fans believe the characters were really in tour and posted backstage stories on social media in real time to share the moment with fans.


The number of weekly active user of the gaming app rose by 133%. The number of tweets on Idolish 7 and its characters went up by 210% during the campaign and the posts of official Twitter was retweeted 250% more than usual.

We were able to stimulate fans’ imagination utilizing multi-touch-points and led them to take actions both on online and real. Fans actually travelled to places the characters toured, went to same restaurants and ordered same food, taken picture with the posters and the characters’ autographs and they shared everything on social media. This new virtual reality experience enhanced their love towards the characters and so Idolish 7 gained perfect environment to start its character-based business.

Moreover this FEEL IDOL campaign led to another business opportunity for client business, such as getting contract as an endorser for another brand.

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