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MARMALADE, Melbourne / VARTA / 2014

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The challenge:

Australian woman are having children much later in life because they believe that today, age is less of a consideration. This is not the reality.

The objectives:

Communicate that age is still the greatest factor prohibiting couples having children later in life.

Communicate that older fathers risk the mental and physical wellbeing of children.

Encourage those who were considering having children to visit the Your Fertility website for information and engage with Your Fertility on Facebook.

The Strategy and Execution:

There is a lot being written about this subject that suggests having children later is OK.

In reality age is something we can’t control and fertility is a very ageist condition.

‘Fertility is Ageist’ is the line around which the campaign was built.

We wanted to surprise the audience with facts and figures that supported our case, without being heavy handed, so we used a very simple, very graphic style.

This prompted the target audience to visit the website for more information or engage with the social media commentary.

The Outcome

Over 437,700 reached through social media

99.82% increase from the previous month

98.26% engagement increase

32,757 website visits


The campaign launched with posters at gymnasiums where our young healthy target audience were likely to see them. It featured on popular male and female websites, with creative that was skewed to the male or female audience.

Our Facebook campaign kicked in on March 17. The creative spoke to male or female audiences with differences in the story content. For men, it was about not providing healthy sperm for healthy offspring as they got older.

For women it was very much about the inability or difficulty conceiving being directly tied to their age.

The creative work was slightly risqué, rather than folksy or mumsy.

It talks about ‘using your boys’ a colloquial term for sperm and the ‘f’ word and sex.

Things that would interest or engage audience before delivering the facts on fertility.


By the nature of the subject matter the campaign faced some stiff negative feedback, but by the end of the campaign overall positive sentiment outweighed the negative by 68%. We believe our message had got through and was clear.

Over 437 000 individuals were reached through social media.

This figure was 99.82% more than the previous month with

Engagement via Facebook increasing by over 98%.

Site visitations rose by almost 27% over the month.

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