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ÜBER CONTENT, Los Angeles / EXPEDIA / 2013

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Travel can take you out of your comfort zone and change your perspective. On this trip, Artie Goldstein travels across the country to attend his daughter's wedding, a journey that tests him and ultimately changes him in unexpected ways.

Expedia is doubling down on its proclaimed support of same-sex marriage with a poignant wedding-themed video.

Titled "Find Your Understanding," the clip -- which was produced as part of the online travel company's ongoing "Find Yours" campaign -- tells the story of Artie Goldstein, a retired business owner who admits to feeling apprehensive before attending his daughter Jill's same-sex wedding in California.


The films' stars, Nikki and Jill Weiss-Goldstein, are actually from the ad world. Nikki reps directors out her own company, Nikki Weiss & Co., while Jill is a copywriter who's worked at agencies like Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Y&R. But they made their way onto the spot via reality TV. Both had appeared on Showtime's series "The Real L Word," which documented their road to marriage. "We were very apprehensive to do it, but going through the process of me asking Jill's father for her hand in marriage, Jill and I thought, maybe we should do this, maybe it will help partners struggling with their children. So we did, and from then, our life became public. We chose not to do season two because we did not want to be reality TV stars."

But then Expedia came calling. A friend had hooked the pair up with a casting agent on the job, looking for a gay couple to tell their wedding tale. "We felt that we had already told our story, but the more interesting story was my father-in-law," said Nikki. "So, if they're open to that, we're happy to chat." They were, so "we called Dad and asked him how he felt about being vulnerable and honest about his feelings about when I asked for Jill's hand. It didn't even take him a minute. He said, 'It's important and I want to do that for you.'"

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