Cannes Lions

First Love

J. WALTER THOMPSON, London / HSBC / 2017







An epistolary narrative for the digital age.

‘How do you tell a 21st century story of unrequited love, requited? ?

You tell it on the very device that enabled them to find each other again’.

It’s time for a different form of filmic narrative, akin to epistolary novels where the storyline is made up of letters, diary entries and newspaper clippings – but with a modern twist.

People now live their lives on their mobile phones. Social narratives are lived through text, emojis, apps and video calls.

We follow Rob’s story as he rediscovers his long-lost love, Julie, through a #TBT tag. We delve into his life as he builds himself up to do the one thing he always wished he had - ask Julie out.

In a twist, we finally flip to Julie’s perspective, her phone revealing that she has been anticipating this moment just as much as him.

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