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Reebok connected with 17-25 year old varsity athletes who are training to develop speed and agility. These high school and college athletes seek products that give them performance and style credibility, which makes Flexweave ideal technology for them. With 8 brilliant fibers and an open figure 8 weave, Flexweave is as beautiful as it is functional. Flexweave is designed to give you both flexibility and strength. Lightness and durability. Stability and breathability. This product truth led to an integrated campaign that leveraged dynamic visual elements to illustrate Flexweave’s benefits.

This consumer is heavily influenced by their peers, celebrities, and professional athletes, which made Ariana Grande, Luis Badillo Jr., Devonta Freeman and Brandin Cooks the perfect people to earn Flexweave's style and performance credibility.


The foundation of this campaign surrounds a simple figure-8 visual identity designed to represent Flexweave’s figure-8 weave, which became a recognizable mark throughout the campaign.

Flexweave’s product benefits were dramatized with short-form digital and social animations. These were tight shots of the figure-8 weave weaving, expanding, tightening and even transforming into butterflies to show the flexibility, durability, and lightness of the technology. The campaign included customized posts from Reebok’s celebrity influencers.

The “Fastest Feet” film with Luis Badillo Jr. was the ultimate product demonstration. It used dynamic visual and audio elements to bring the product benefits to life online. The pulse-pounding beat of the drummer illustrated the speed and syncopation of Luis’ feet. The maze of lasers Luis maneuvers highlighted his increased agility. The slight splashes of water from Luis’ feet depicted the shoe’s lightness. This compelling demonstration was created to keep consumers engaged.


This campaign very recently launched but has already seen impressive engagement and reach. Flexweave has received earned media coverage in Shape, Health and Muscle and Fitness publications. Twitter engagement for Flexweave posts is 9x higher than Reebok’s average organic engagements. Approximately 5 weeks after launch, the campaign has exceeded its overall goal of earned impressions by 394%.

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