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HAVAS EHS, London / HAVAS / 2013

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We created FloorD. This was a Near Field Technology-driven competition that registered every step taken, by every person in the building. Using NFC and innovative HTML5 technologies, if you went between floors, we tracked it.

Then we went all Olympic and introduced some friendly competition. Each person, each department, competed. Live in-play league tables constantly updated our mobile-optimised site, day and night.

We wanted everyone to get into the sporting spirit sweeping London that summer, have some fun, maybe even lose a calorie or two. Plus a little healthy competition never harmed anyone.


We recorded every. Single. Step. 29 Empire State buildings, or 12,897 floors climbed in the first month. That’s 103 each. People perfected ‘flying’ between floors - 8 seconds was the record. Someone spent an uninterrupted 4,562 seconds climbing floors, over 76 minutes. In short, the response was overwhelming. We've well-worn carpets as proof.

But more than tracking every step, it really energised the agency. Each department had a hero (and some villains), the results were scoured daily. And if we did our bit to fuel the sporting fever gripping London, and helped shed a pound or two, all the better.

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