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Flower Dry Alert

ASATSU-DK, Tokyo / OTSUKA / 2017

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The look, feel, and color of flowers vary depending on how dry they are. With this in mind, we decided that flowers, which change in appearance depending on how dry they are, would make an excellent motif to call women’s attention to humidity levels. We set out to design an interactive humidity meter that could send an intuitive and beautiful message with flower patterns and accompanying music that change depending on the dryness in the air.


We decided that real flowers would convey our message better than computer graphics, so we took 3,500 actual petals, arranged them in layouts, and photographed them to create the branded content on the website. This made checking the weather and humidity as refreshing as looking at a beautiful work of art. The art and music change depending on the visitor’s location. If humidity falls below a certain level, a banner ad appears so that the target will take notice. What is more, we made the API open so that more people could use it in various ways.


Flower Dry Alert was a success as soon as it launched. Social media postings about Ion Water were up 250% over the previous winter. Average time on site reached 72% more than other Ion Water brand sites. And the open API led to its use as displays in beauty salons and cosmetics stores to raise awareness of dry weather among women. It was even featured by a TV station in its weather forecast. Flower Dry Alert convinced women to make a habit of checking daily humidity levels and take action to protect their health.

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