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Havaianas, the world’s most iconic flip-flops, were designed for free feet.

But the brand has a lot more to offer than colorful and comfortable sandals.

Havaianas offers the same kind of freedom in colorful and comfortable sneakers, clothes, sunglasses, bags, socks, and accessories. But most of our target audience still didn’t know that.

Our challenge was to change that situation, creating a global campaign (to be launched in 76 countries) that celebrates not only free feet as Havaianas’ past communication always did, but a free lifestyle, featuring the products that go beyond the flip-flops. And to do that with a production budget (for photography) under 85k USD.


“Designed for a free life” is a campaign, originally conceived for the poster format, that celebrates not only free feet as Havaianas’ past communication always did, but a free lifestyle.

It does that by showcasing moments of people living a life that’s free, each for a different reason. Each photograph tells a story, which gains an extra layer of meaning once it receives the copy, which in turn plays with a kind of language usually used to describe products that are free of something (such as “gluten-free” or “oil-free”), now describing a life that’s free of a lot more.


The posters’ design follows the same logic of going from feet to life. We took Havaianas signature “rice” pattern, present on Havaianas’ soles since the first pair in 1962, and turned it into the main design element of our campaign. Yes, we turned it into a stamp that highlights and adds meaning to photographs of different moments, all with layout and weights designed for quick reading, combined with a colorful palette, a key feature of Havaianas’ DNA.

The design was conceived in a way that any country could easily translate and adapt, and had the elasticity for us to create lots of examples of moments and stamps.

In total, 11 posters were created, each with a different photograph and stamp. This is a selection of the ones that have already been released.


Detailed results of the campaign’s impact are still not available. But the posters are already in Havaianas stores across Brazil and will soon arrive to outdoor media and hundreds of other Havaianas stores in 76 countries.

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