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Durex takes its status as a sexual wellness brand extremely seriously, but at the same time loves to make the subject playful. So when we were tasked with making sex fun and seamless to millions of gamers, we decided to tap into a space where they spend a lot of time – their video game consoles.


To reinforce equal pleasure as an important part of sexual wellness amongst gamers, we developed Durex Foreplay – enlisting a team of gamers and a renowned sex expert to identify controller movements that can enhance the gaming experience as well as be replicated around the endogenous areas (such as the clitoris and prostate). The tutorials were crafted for all genders and are designed to give gamers an advantage in both gaming and the bedroom.


When it comes to sexual wellness and equal pleasure, continuous improvement is key. And the great thing about gamers is their desire to keep getting better. In fact, looking at tutorials and walkthroughs is a way of life for even the most rookie gamer. So we figured that if we released gaming tutorials that double up as fingering moves on social platforms gamers frequent, we could be on to something. We also knew that to get to them, we needed to offer more, so we prepared a series of initiatives promoting equal pleasure to follow our launch, such as discount coupons for those who share their successful tricks online and some personalised/unique interactions.


We settled on games that are wildly popular with gamers all over the world and released simple but sexy TikTok, Facebook and Instagram tutorials of controller moves that could also double up as excellent fingering movements – all verified by a renowned sexologist. Next, we tied up with popular local gamers and got them to try the moves, because seeing is believing.


Everyone gave our unique fingering tutorials a thumbs up. The organic posts got 76% more engagement than any other organic post we’ve ever done. We were flooded with comments from delighted, surprised and even outraged gamers – which proved that we successfully put our finger on the problem. Gamers were offered discount coupons on our products through our e-commerce website, which saw a 42% increase in visitors during the campaign. As the campaign got more traction, we established a stronger relationship with the gaming community, giving them exclusive tutorials and even, in one case, a personalised virtual racing track to a gamer who requested one in order to improve his fingering moves. All in all, we scored a big W with an awesome community who were now more willing than ever to up their sex game.

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