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Forget about hustling for a bit

DENTSU INC., Tokyo / NETFLIX / 2019






Netflix original series, “Rilakkuma and Kaoru” is a stop-motion animation. The main character is a hard-working woman. Each episode is 10 minutes with 13 episodes in total.

We set the tag line to “Stop hustling for 10 minutes”.

Target audience are over worked women and we wanted them to forget about hustling for a minute.


We discovered that advertising itself was a source of stress for women. In particular, onboard train ads exert strong pressure on women to engage in dieting or beauty treatments.

‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’, with its tagline of ‘set striving aside for 10 minutes’, replaced all onboard train ads with only their stress-inducing messages, urging women to stop pushing themselves too hard.etc.

we did what women forget about hustling for a minute.


What drives these women to push themselves so hard? It may be the ads.

We discovered that many women push themselves because of “you should~” ads.

Depending on media, it really pushes working women to work harder.

Our target audience unconsciously work hard so with a series of communication, we freed them from those

environment. The campaign was designed to slowly shift closer to the insight.


Sometimes, ads are the source of stresses. We took over train car ad spaces to let people take notice of this. There are designated ad spaces on trains depending on the type of ad. Using this trait, we placed our graphics next to ads that were pressuring women. For example, a beauty clinic ad would say, “Let’s get laser hair removal” or a business publication ad would say, “Let’s succeed”.We placed Rilakkuma and Kaoru’s,“Aren’t we pushing ourselves too hard?” graphics next to these ads.Train cars had these kind of messages for 2 weeks. Commercials are often fast paced, so instead we ran a commercial that showed Rilakkuma just peacefully sleeping. A giant Rilakkuma (ever made), was placed at Shinjuku station where many women use for daily commute. “anan” is a magazine read by many working women, we had a tie in with its special feature “pushing ourselves least hard".


The series of video ads have been played couple million times, 2 hour wait to hug giant Rilakkuma.

Train ad takeover brought controversy to traditional ads.

As a result, Rilakkuma and Kaoru became a hot topic.

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