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DDB SINGAPORE, Singapore / HEINEKEN / 2018

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Singapore is known as a 'fine' city with so many rules. So to turn a city of No's to Yeses during F1 week was even harder. We looked at food as that's where Singapore could say yes. We threw Heineken's first live fashion show in Asia inside an iconic food court, Lau Pa Sat.

Everything was live as we had Singaporean street food prepared on the spot, live DJs and we also created a Singapore-only Heineken F1 VR Experience. Last but not least, we designed from the ground up a fashion runway to showcase Heineken's fashion collection and local designers with internationally acclaimed models. There were also live dance acts, aerial beer servers and a surprise appearance by F1 legend, David Coutlhard.

Heineken's winning formula was to not just serve the typical dance and music but a full experience of an F1 city at a unique location.

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