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McCANN ERICKSON, New York / SONY / 2013

Case Film
Case Film






People have all seen how a tablet works. We decided to highlight the immersive experience. Life-size tablet frames were made to act as stages for the action in both the print and film/TV. The TV was also shot in one continuous take, highlighting Sony user platforms of discover (online), watch (viewing) and play (gaming). These three “acts” throughout the spot highlight the thought that the XperiaTM Tablet truly is “a place for your imagination to play.”


Sony “Frames” was a million dollar idea shot for less than half of that. The whole spot was shot in one seamless take on a 60 meter long set, making the limited budget even more challenging. Each handmade life-size “diorama” was framed by 14-foot frames, which needed to be navigated through during each take. Further complicating the matter was the complexity of each set up. It took over 40 takes to get the perfect sequence of parkour, martial arts, pyrotechnics, and action. To ensure this complex idea looked beautiful while staying within budget we shot in Warsaw, Poland. Because Poland doesn’t have the depth or level of production as other cities, everything was made from scratch. Every piece of wardrobe and set was original. The takes were also shot without using motion control to save money. In the absence of dialogue (it ran internationally) the soundtrack did all of the heavy lifting. The use of an original song by a musician as accomplished as Kishi Bashi on a budget our size was a coup. With 424 K, a Polish production, a US agency, Japanese client and Aussie directors, Sony “Frames” was a feat of production in its purest form.

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