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DDB BRASIL, Sao Paulo / TOK&STOK / 2011

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To show how easy it is to assemble furniture from TOK&STOK, we decided to put the assembly instructions manual on a profile in Twitter. We reduced each manual to a maximum of 140 characters including the link to the furniture’s diagram. All consumers had to do was find the corresponding hashtag and follow instructions. We put stickers on the store’s furniture and also on the boxes, driving customers to Twitter ( and to the furniture’s hashtag.


The action drew the media’s interest and caught the attention of current and new customers, architects, and designers. TOK&STOK positioned itself as an innovative and creative company. Those who had already bought TOK&STOK furniture received a useful tool. Those who hadn’t, found out that their furniture is really easy to assemble. And the environment also liked the solution: each manual on Twitter saves a sheet of paper.

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