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Future of Driving

AKQA, London / VOLVO / 2016

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The conversation had so far been distracted by stunts and science-fiction. We felt a lot was going unsaid. Volvo wanted to put people at the centre of conversation for the first time. Future of Driving is a way to start and own the true debate of autonomous cars, both designed to promote Volvo’s commitment to autonomous driving, and surface themes and topics that have so far largely not been communicated to society.


Future of Driving began with 40 thought-provoking statements that highlighted topics other carmakers had shied away from. First presented through Volvo channels, then hijacked search terms, these events pointed to Here, users were given 10 statements and asked to simply agree or disagree. Real-time results then showed where they stood in relation to society. These statements were grouped into five themes: Control, Safety, Technology, Society, Journey.

A social listening campaign enabled Volvo to connect with those already voicing their opinions. Where people questioned other brand’s visions, we offered them a chance to join the debate.

Beginning in North America, then rolling out to 35 other markets globally. To signal Volvo’s commitment to the campaign, Volvo Cars CEO & President Håkan Samuelsson said “Answers in this debate will help influence central strategy of Volvo’s autonomous driving program.”


With over 45,000 respondents from 36 markets, Future of Driving has become the largest consumer survey on autonomous driving in the world. Alongside providing much-needed authority in the topic, the debate data has also helped substantiate Volvo’s vision for Concept 26, leading to world-wide press coverage with one prominent automotive outlet stating “The steering wheel stays, at least that’s what consumers say.” A direct challenge to Volvo’s competitors.

On the website, 80% of people who responded to the first question went on to complete all ten. Most importantly, the involvement from society has helped Volvo tip the scales on the autonomous driving share of voice. Overtaking Audi, Tesla, Mercedes and even Google, moving from 1.4% to 50%. Volvo will soon release all of the data in the hope that it will contribute towards creating a meaningful future of driving, designed around people.

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