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LDV UNITED, Antwerp / OPEL / 2014


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Every summer an average of 20 forgotten children die from heat-stroke inside a car, it can literally happen to anyone. These tragedies keep making headlines. In the past, several technological-studies and experiments were performed, but no one ever found a fitting answer to prevent this kind of horror.

This situation was our challenge. It inspired us to conceive a prevention-device as this should never happen again.

Together with the initial inventor, a product-development team and a group of engineers we created an option that watches over your children as a guardian angel: Opel Gabriel.

Gabriel is a key fob we developed which connects to a pressure-sensitive mat that can be installed in any child seat. If the driver leaves the car with a child inside, a warning signal will sound. At the same time, the mat measures the temperature inside the car. As soon as the temperature rises above 28°C an alarm is activated and you have to return to the car.

Gabriel has following specs and is thoroughly tested on reliability & functionality by Zenso (innovative electronics), a technology spin-off company of the University of Leuven:

> The mat communicates via RF with the parent’s car key fob

> The alarm will sound in 3 cases (temperature, distance & lost connection)

> System is operational for children from 0-4 years

> Temperature accuracy: +- 1°C.

> Rechargeable via 12V car recharger

> Battery life: 3 months

> Reach car seat – key fob: 100m outdoor (line-of-sight)

We installed a fully-operational beta version of Gabriel on the inventor’s car.

But it doesn’t end here. This project, a 9 month-during storytelling-campaign, got massive media attention as it resulted in a lifesaving-device. But most important, Gabriel was picked up by the European Commission, who’s trying to obligate the option in every car.


Today we have a fully functional beta device that stood all crucial testing.

Nonetheless it still needs some refinement on the internal and external level.

Internal: we are testing some alternative electronic ports as they are little less expensive than the ones that are being used right now.

External: the final product design is almost finished, but we want to make Gabriel’s shell as thin as possible.

It is our goal to hit mass market with Gabriel because it’s a device that anyone should benefit from. During the campaign Opel Gabriel generated massive media response. As a result several third parties contacted us as they are interested in producing and/or distributing the device. But the most important lead we have up until today is the European Commission. They want to obligate this option in every European car and are helping us to make the right decisions.

This partnership could give Gabriel wings.

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