Yes, of Corsa

JUNG VON MATT AG, Hamburg / OPEL / 2023


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Situation: Many people are still hesitating to make the switch to electric cars.

Brief: Convince the doubters, especially the young adults, to make the electric switch with a car that answers all your questions and doubts.

Objective: Showcase as much features as we can of the new Opel Corsa-e without stepping into the boring lane of making yet another product film. We aimed to create a fun and lighthearted campaign that keeps the young target audience of the car entertained. We wanted to make car advertising fun again.


The new Opel Corsa-e is a car with many features that would satisfy all kinds of drivers with their different needs and interests.

How do we show that?

We decided to show all the different kinds of drivers, potential customers, each in their own environment asking a question about the feature that interest them the most.

And we seamlessly intercut to the white minimalistic visual world, as we let the Opel Corsa-e answer, visually with its dynamic beautiful driving shots and audibly with our strong message: YES OF CORSA.


We spread our „Yes of Corsa“ message by making Corsa-e pop. From an epic moving image piece, packed with pop references, to spreadable GIFs, we used a diverse channel mix along the funnel, that generates enough awareness & attention to stick our message, the Opel brand and Opel Corsa in people’s heads.


Music is a crucial part for our film, as it carries the heavy weight of our creative concept, that’s why we opted for an original piece of music, with a strong catchy beat landing on our chorus and big message: YES OF CORSA.

The film consists of many different scenes, each acts as a mini-film, that’s why it was necessary to tailor the music to fit each scene separately, while maintaining the homogeneity of the whole music track.

The final music track is all what he hoped for and more, a summer smash dance track built around reverberating bass and campaign tag line delivered with the catchiness of a Calvin Harris hook.


The film was released Europe-wide on the same day. Within the first

week, it got more responses than any other Opel commercial ever. With

a record amount of views, social interactions and press coverage for

Opel, the film was a success from the get-go.

And was there an overwhelming number of positive comments? Yes, of

Corsa. With comments like "Best Opel commercial I've ever seen",

"First car ad I like in long time" and "Didn't know car ads can be fun",

the film is successfully reshaping the Opel brand in people's heads,

reaching an audience way beyond car enthusiasts.

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