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2012: Germany is rummaging through boxes and photo albums to find funny pictures from 20 years ago. In order to recreate them.


Because, thanks to the 20th jubilee of the RailCard, hundreds joined the biggest photo project in Germany:

20 Years of RailCard. 20 Years on and still as good.

The campaign was part of the art project 'Back to the future' developed by Argentinian photographer, Irina Werning.

Together with the artist, we shot eight of these photo recreations, filmed the photo shoot process and used the material to produce films for TV and the internet.

But most important, we invited some of Germany´s most read bloggers to report the whole process. More and more blogs began to spread the issue.

The result: The users joined in. Hundreds of them re-enacted photos. The campaign was commented on, tweeted, shared, liked, imitated and blogged again.

The biggest German online news channel took pictures of celebrities in our campaign style. The campaign was featured in Germany's most influential daily newspaper, FAZ, and other Magazines.

The Facebook gallery and private Facebook pages together with blogs generated over 2.5 million online page impressions and over all, 4.2 million Euros of earned media.

Thus, the BahnCard birthday celebration led to the most creative and inspiring photographic journey Germany has ever seen.

An emotional experience for everyone who took part and for everyone who bought the Jubilee RailCard on Facebook. The ambitious sales target was exceeded by 68%.


In September 2012, we invited some of the most influential German bloggers to visit the campaign photo and video shoot with the Argentinian artist Irina Werning.

At the end of September, most of the bloggers blogged about the project. More and more blogs began to spread the issue.

On the 1st of October we started a press-campaign with PR articles and continued with banners on Facebook, TV-commercials, posters and billboards.

From then till the end of October Facebook users uploaded their pictures which were shared, liked, blogged, tweeted and commented on.

The user-generated content generated press coverage. The project was featured in Germany's most influential daily newspaper, FAZ, and other magazines. On- and offline.


During the length of the campaign, 236,212 Jubilee Rail-Cards were sold. The sales target was exceeded by 68%.

Hundreds of people posted old childhood photos, birthday photos and snapshots and took part in the Facebook photo competition. Over 300,000 users clicked, liked and shared the campaign with others.

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