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Gillette has always been on football fields, including FIFA World Cups. But as the years went by, the traditional billboards started to go unnoticed. How could we get people's attention and become noticed by each one of them again?


What if the goalkeeper could know where the opponent usually shoots? What if the whole stadium could know? What if the world could know? That's the insight behind Gillette DataBoards: billboards that brought relevant information to the players on the field, including their past preferences before taking the penalty kicks. In corner kicks, we displayed the attacking team statistics, so the defending team could rearrange itself and the attacking team could also change its strategy. The same goes for free kicks, when we showed the statistics of crosses and direct shoots to the goal. Besides, strategies about the teams were shown to the coaches, creating a huge thrill to the audience that stayed tuned to the billboards until the last minute


Everything started with a partnership with the global big data company Kin Analytics, responsible for providing data to the most successful teams in the early history of Brazil: Grêmio and Atlético Paranaense, the last Brazilian clubs to win the continental cups in South America. Then we asked the company for all kinds of information about players and teams that would play the Florida Cup. For example: each player’s history of shooting penalty kicks, which side of the field the teams suffer more goals, their behavior in certain moments of the game and their secret weapons. We got all that data and transformed them in easily read billboards. During the tournament, the data team was placed in a war room with a two-phased mission: 1) watch the game and 2) send statistics based on what was happening in the game. In free kicks for example, we had about 30 seconds to find and send statistics to the field. In corner kicks we had less than 20 seconds to find and send statistics to help strikers and defenders. In penalty shootout at the semifinals, it was even more apprehensive because it was the most important moment of the tournament.


Everything began with a partnership with Florida Cup, whose organization was always focused on the fans’ experience and loved the idea from the start. Then we partnered with Kin Analytics, a global big data company that provided us all the data we wanted from all the participants in the Florida Cup.

We filtered the data and transformed them into layouts that players and fans could read fast. So, in the week of Florida Cup, our team finally went to the backstage of the tournament with a mission: to watch the games and send data in real time according to what was happening on the field.

Every time a penalty kick, a corner kick or a dangerous free kick happened, a scout on the field talked to the guys in the war room. In just a few seconds, related data was on the field.


- Aired in 103 countries

- 80 million viewers

- Covered by the 3rd biggest football channel on YouTube

- 65 million impressions

- Number of Gillette BR followers on Twitter increased 7.4% during F.C.

- 87% of positive comments about our billboards

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