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ENERGY BBDO, Chicago / WRIGLEY / 2016

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We turned the smallest, most disposable part of our product – the wrapper – into a new medium that allowed the brand to connect with consumers, and people to connect with each other.


It started online, with a love story that gave new meaning to our wrappers. Our film, "The Story of Sarah and Juan," showed that even the most meaningful connections in life can come from something as small as sharing a piece of gum.

Then we actively engaged consumers on social media, turning their Instagram and Twitter photos into beautiful, hand-drawn works of wrapper art. The wrappers were displayed in an interactive gallery at, and people proudly shared them across their social networks.

We responded in real time to moments of connection as they trended on social media, commemorating them on our wrappers. And on Valentine’s Day, we used our wrappers to help a real couple get engaged, and documented their amazing journey in a branded content piece.


The campaign generated more than 1.3 billion impressions.

"The Story of Sarah and Juan" received more than 110 million views, 40 million of which came in the first 48 hours. It was shared 1.4 million times, became a trending topic, made headlines around the world, got spoofed a few times, and was named one of the top 5 iconic ads of the year by YouTube.

Over a thousand unique pieces of wrapper art were created and shared back with consumers.

After the campaign, launched Extra was the top-selling gum brand for 25 weeks in a row.

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