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Google Chromebook: Domingo En Familia

GOOGLE, Mountain View / GOOGLE / 2022

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To boost Chromebook consideration among Hispanic households, Google knew it had to break through the clutter. There are traditional tentpole events every global marketer looks to when reaching the U.S. Hispanic audience like the Latin Grammys and the World Cup, but Google wanted something closer to home. The research led to Sundays. The goal was to speak to this audience throughout the day and to show how the Chromebook’s features integrate seamlessly into a family Sunday. A media buy across Univision, where Hispanics choose to watch on Sundays, and involving Univision talent seemed the logical way to go.


Keeping our target audience of the multi-generational, pan-Latino Univision Sunday audience in mind with particular emphasis on viewers aged 25-54, we centered on a multi-pronged strategy. Our decision to highlight Espinoza was based on the fact that her story and family dynamic resonates with our audience. In terms of approach, the themes of Back to School (La Familia Visita) and Football (The Big Debate) served well for purposes of showing the entire family together interacting in unison. The campaign itself was built around Univision’s Sunday programming and spots were custom designed to fit the network’s schedule, which included Al Punto, reality competition The Masked Singer, and LigaMX games. Ads were designed to emphasize specific features including apps, virus protection, the everything button, and fast boot-up. Accompanying brand integrations across soccer programming used first-of-its-kind graphic treatments and physical product placement. Social posts re-enforced the campaign among viewers aged 25-54.


The campaign took place during August 2021. Two 30-second vignettes aired every Sunday of the month. The back-to-school vignette appeared during broadcasts of Al Punto and The Masked Singer. The football vignette appeared during LigaMX matches. The vignette ads showed Espinoza and her family, including her real-life husband and son, going about a typical Sunday with Chromebook woven into the narrative. This was accompanied by a LigaMX integration with in-game "squeeze-back" units, Chromebook-sponsored top-play segments featuring Chromebook imagery during sports shows Republica Deportiva and Contacto Deportivo, as well as in-studio product placement during those shows. The accompanying social campaign leveraged 12 social posts for Facebook and Instagram (6 posts on Univision’s accounts, 6 on Espinoza's). These highlighted Chromebook capabilities. In addition, 8 social posts around LigaMX matches emphasized Chromebook during flight.


Sundays on Univision provided Google Chromebook with an unduplicated reach of 4.6 million viewers 25-54. driving solid results for the brand. It demonstrated a 10% increase in purchase intent and 8% increase in consideration for Chromebook. Social content related to the vignettes delivered a 3.5x lift in brand memorability for engaged users. Unaided ad recall jumped from 9% to 12% post-campaign, aided ad recall went from 20% to 26%, unaided brand awareness went from 19% to 21%, likelihood to recommend went from 72% to 78%, most likely to buy went from 26% to 35%, purchase intent among U.S. Hispanics looking to buy a new laptop went from 52% to 62%. Brand perception increased around “easy to use,” “is high quality,” “is fast and stays fast.” Feature awareness jumped for “has apps for whatever you need,” “protected against viruses” and “finds everything fast with the Everything button.”

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