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Situation: Google Maps is the preferred GPS app for walking, driving and public transport world over. However, in Indonesia, it was a different story. Indonesia is the world's third-largest 2-wheeler market, and the needs of bikers were unmet by Google Maps.

Indonesia has several little lanes that bikers can take to avoid traffic jams and reduce their travels times. So, to make Google maps relevant in Indonesia, we needed to launch a new feature and show bikers how it can help them to discover little lanes to keep moving freely.

Brief: Launch the 2-wheeler maps feature for the massive set of riders in Indonesia and drive them to trial/usage.

Objective: Increase awareness of Google Maps 2W Feature by 50% and increase 2-wheeler mode's Daily Active Users


A highly data-driven campaign reached ~40 Million people using many contextual levers like location, commute times, time of day, etc.

The campaign programmatically served creative assets that were dynamically created by pulling real-time data from the Google Maps 2-Wheeler UI into various formats across media to create thousands of variations of creatives basis traffic jams, morning evening rush hour, etc.

Every ad displayed real-time Google data, to show riders little lanes they could use to cut their commute times, and avoid highways jams.

On Instagram, we created Insta Stuck-Stories with authentic stories shot from the POV of a biker stuck in traffic jams. Even these stories featured real-time maps data on alternative bike routes.

The campaign launched in March 2018 and was active for two months.

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