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We brought Google Search to life by taking over 160 digital outdoor screens in key central London transport hubs, including London Underground platforms and bus shelters. Each screen was delivered content that was unique, smart and contextually aware. Together, these screens created city-wide presence, allowing us to reach Londoners in different contexts and touchpoints, during daily commutes, evenings out or weekend shopping trips.

This was the first time DOOH screens had been converted from static monitors displaying generic content over a simple 3G connection, into local information hubs displaying real-time Search results, specific to that exact time and location.

We re-created the online Google Now and Google Search experience in DOOH. Over 100 gigabytes of data were generated and distributed to screens; many hundreds of times more than any previous live & dynamic DOOH campaign. We delivered compelling, useful content while also putting smiles on people’s faces around London.


Google Outside reminded people of the magic of Google Search. Campaign research showed amazing results; 92% of people who saw it found the content interesting, 89% found it informative, 78% said they learned something new, 74% said Google helps them discover and do more. Perception of Google as an innovative company increased 11 points to 81%. 53% of people who experienced Google Outside felt better about the Google brand. 1 in 5 people who saw Google Outside downloaded the Google Search app. Additionally, Transport for London hailed it 'the most innovative campaign ever run on our placements.’

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