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HELLO WORLD, Johannesburg / CAPE UNION MART / 2011






Speed cameras should be highly visible, to encourage drivers to slow down on dangerous stretches of road. South African traffic officers, however, have adopted the semi-illegal practice of hiding out of sight, to notch up as many fines as possible. The practice became a source of outrage for South Africans, and social media lead the way. Cape Union Mart grabbed the opportunity to demonstrate to South Africans how the Speed Camera Alert function could work for them. We mined the locations of hidden policemen from disgruntled motorists on twitter. Sign-bearers were recruited to stand in front of the speed cameras, and warn oncoming traffic, in effect doing what the Garmin does.


The client, Cape Union Mart was thrilled with the idea and execution of the promotion. Perhaps more importantly, the promotion was a successful brand building exercise, as evidenced by the enthusiastic and grateful participation of the passing motorists. The drivers hooted in solidarity at the promotion, and Cape Union Mart emerged as a hero in a nationwide campaign against an unscrupulous practice.

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