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For the launch of The Division 2, a post apocalyptic game edited by ubisoft, we created "Green Dawn". « Green dawn” is a 30 mn podcast series for Ubisoft based on the universe of The division 2 but broadcasted through the virtual radio of another game: Ghost Recon wildlands.

To communicate on this campaign we released an exclusive vinyl limited to 100 copies and sent it to influencers.

This vinyl contains the 6 episodes of the podcast and became a collectible object for fans of the Division. The gamers community is fond of fan art posters and variant art works on the universes they love. That’s why we decided to release a beautifully crafted vinyl.


The vinyl cover is a portrait of the main character, Violet, a 14 years old girl, who hangs out with 6 other kids. The podcast describes the questions and doubts of this bunch of young friends who try to survive in a world destroyed by adults.

As most of the cities as been destroyed, nature took back its rights, and the term « urban jungle » as never been so true. The illustration expresses how nature becomes an organical prison but Violet’s eyes are cold and calm. Why ? This mystery explains why we did not put any title or explanation on the cover. We wanted to express the pureness of Violet. Answers are not on the cover but inside. Words are for stories, and stories is what this vinyl is made of.


The oldschool way, we started with sketches to find the idea. Each element has been drawn in order to look natural and organic. We only played with shades of green to contrast with the «pure» white of Violet’s face. The face is made of billions of little dots, a minimalist technique that highlights the fragility and depth of the character.

The vinyl has been pressed with a transparent orange plastic which is the color of The Division 2.


We targeted influencers all over the world who shared on their social network pictures of the vinyl, and talked about the podcast.

We even had several unboxing videos like this one :

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