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In keeping with the brand’s original ‘Made of More’ ethos, we strived to introduce more meaning and a special handmade quality to the harp. With our new design we aimed to establish 'more' connection to the brand’s extraordinary roots, and introduce 'more' craftmanship and heritage.

Digging deep into the archives, we were reminded of the brand's phenomenal history. We sought out meaningful inspiration from historical letterpress labels featuring references to the River Liffey, a landmark overlooked by the Guinness Storehouse, and the like.

We also took inspiration from the Guinness Storehouse brewery – an atmospheric building boasting impressive industrial finishes and architectural details, such as cast iron girders, original brickwork and copper Mash Tun’s.


To bring a refined, handmade quality to the identity, we collaborated with a renowned illustrator who had drawn a previous version of the harp in the 1960s. The harp models formed the basis of our brief for the new illustration.

Wavy lines embedded into the harp draw upon references to the River Liffey, and lettering takes inspiration from the first printed label and historical typefaces. The Est.1759 type can be traced back to the metal stamped lettering seen at the brewery. Our typography blends contemporary and traditional fonts, expertly crafted using traditional techniques – a result that reflects the expressive character and provenance of the beer.

In crafting the final icon, we worked closely with letterpress specialists to help us dramatise the form, creating a striking physical impression of the harp. The letterpress gives a renewed depth and power to the combination of the gold harp against black, with contrasting white


The new harp is a contemporary take on the brand's unique heritage, featuring bold shapes combined with meticulous detailing. It's a design that straddles the rich diversity of craft beer with the popularity and scale of accessible beers for the masses, appealing to both Millennials and existing loyal consumers.

The overall result is a stylish and premium global icon that represents a brewer of distinction, proud of its craft and heritage.

There are no sales figures for this entry because it is a brand identity redesign.

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