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JWT , Madrid / UNICEF / 2010

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In order to get donations urgently we visited places where people are already accustomed to paying for water like, for example, vending machines. Our proposal was for people to continue doing so but with a different objective in mind.We installed a new option called “Water for Haiti”. When you push the button you buy a bottle of water from Spain which will ultimately be drunk where it is most needed: in Haiti.The affordable price of 20 cents turned out to be the exact change left over from the purchase of a soft drink, making the donation even easier.


With zero investment and in just one week we managed to generate a new consumer habit; one in three people who bought a soft drink bought a bottle of water for Haiti; and half of these people had never donated to charity before in their life.Furthermore, the low price of the donation encouraged many consumers to donate money on a regular basis.This positive outcome turned a simple campaign into an ongoing donation channel that is spreading in popularity from month to month; because at the end of the day we are always going to need water.

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