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Hannah Rebuilds The World

DOREMUS, New York / LEGO / 2023

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For over 40 years, LEGO® Education has focused on making learning fun and impactful. With a hands-on approach, LEGO Education works with teachers and educational specialists to deliver playful learning experiences with a focus on STEAM principles that help build 21st century skills in students of all ages. Unfortunately, unlike the LEGO master brand, very few people are familiar with LEGO Education. And if they wanted to continue to grow awareness, trial, and usage, they needed a new way to engage with educators and parents.

We were tasked with finding a creative and compelling way to grow the brand while demonstrating how LEGO Education could help educators teach STEAM principles and, in turn, build confidence and resilience amongst students.


To reach our objectives, we needed a hook. A way to grab attention in a way that the previous work was unable to. So, we created Hannah. Hannah is the animated embodiment of all that LEGO Education stands for. A character that is part inspirational figure, part brand ambassador who can act as a point of inspiration and ambassador for all that LEGO Education has to offer. Creative, confident, and resilient—Hannah loves to build and only sees opportunity in failure. She never backs down from a challenge. And it’s this drive and love of learning that she’ll use to rebuild the world in new and exciting ways throughout her school life. We quickly found success with our emotive storytelling, enabling us to continue building on Hannah’s story over the next three years.


We needed to get administrators and educators (and, by extension, students) fired up to Rebuild the World. An initiative that spans the LEGO brand with a focus on creative thinking and a growing drive to make the world a better place. For LEGO Education, this also means bringing some much-needed joy to learning. The campaign came to life through a core insight that emerged from research: kids aren’t afraid to fail. The integrated campaign shows how important it is to capture, preserve, and harness the natural inclination that kids have to keep trying and the power of LEGO Education solutions to inspire and motivate them.


To help our work stand out in the category, we utilized a breakthrough creative technique. By combining real LEGO products with stunning animation, we created a mixed-reality film that brought the brand’s offerings to life in a fresh, unique way. It also provided the flexibility and control to craft every little detail of Hannah’s appearance and personality.

While we wanted our world to feel unique, we never lost sight of the brand. That’s why LEGO Education’s distinct color palette became the heart and soul of Hannah’s world—ensuring that the brand was ever-present even when the product wasn’t.

And when the product was visible, we created 3D LEGO builds and integrated them into our animated environments to ensure our audience was seeing lifelike representations of the sets their students would be using. This allowed the real LEGO products to shine, while creating a direct tie between Hannah's success and the brand.


Through Kantar studies, we saw strong performance of the campaign with primary and secondary audiences. All three generations of the campaign showed the creative was highly appreciated, motivating, able to deliver the key message, and had a strong impact on LEGO Education brand equity.

Prompted awareness amongst parents steadily increased from 75% to 82% during the course of the campaign. Trial amongst educators also saw year-over-year increases, resulting in a ten percent climb from 37% in year one to 47% in year three. Additionally, we saw a 13% increase in current usage amongst educators—climbing from 21% in 2020 to 34% in 2023.

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