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ARCHER TROY, Mexico City / LEGO / 2023

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Following instructions limits kids' creativity and avoids exploring all the possibilities that a toy can have.

For example: When an electronic toy runs out of battery, the fun is over or when you give a child a LEGO set, he follows the instructions and builds it only in one way.

That’s why we made an experiment to prove that LEGO is the best toy even without instruction booklets.


Following instructions limits kids' creativity. We decided to make an experiment and prove that imagination doesn't need instructions. Introducing LEGO BRICKERS.

We called the unique people in the world that don't follow the rules: the children.

We went out looking for future inventors through an incredible activation in the most popular LEGO stores and malls of Mexico City.

Thousands of BRICKERS sent their creations, and people voted for their favorites. Many of them proposed creative and environmental solutions for our world. Therefore we set out to find the experts who could bring them to life: the adults.

They got inspired to make things happen.


Almost all the kids in Mexico know LEGO bricks or have a set at home. Some children lost the instructions, others lost some bricks, but that wasn't an impediment to participate and create at home or in a LEGO store.

That's why we called all children of Mexico to be part of a movement and a community that turned them into real inventors: LEGO BRICKERS.

The best thing about this experiment is that the children could used bricks from any set, combine them and let their imagination fly to create anything that would make their world a better place.


First, we called the best creators in the world: the children. And on a digital platform, we invite them to rebuild their world and send us their best creations.

These creations inspired the people who can make them happen: the adults.

Then, we created a unique exhibition that immortalized the most voted creations, inspiring more kids and adults, proving that creativity has no boundaries.

In addition to exhibit their creations in LEGO stores, their creations were part of a digital gallery. People voted for their favorite and the most voted BRICKER won a trip to LEGOLAND, California.

Our activations were in the most popular LEGO stores and malls of Mexico City.

Also a website for the Brickers Community came to life through 3 months.


1,248,000 social media impacts


32,900 online entries

800 original creations

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