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Cátedra Merlí

CIRCUS BA, Buenos Aires / NETFLIX / 2018

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Our social listening exposed the fact that philosophy, a boring or complex subject, became attractive thanks to Merlí. 90% of these users who manifest their interest in the subject on social networks are under 17 years old, many of them at their final college year and about to decide on a university career.

For the launch of the last season, coinciding with "Back to class" seasonality in the national calendar, we developed an activation that was relevant both to the show's audience and to media.

That's why we did what users were asking for: we brought their lessons to reality, creating Merlí's Masterclass. 200 unique books, 100% handmade, and we sent them to schools, universities and influencers from different media and areas.

Finally, we organized a real masterclass in the the most prestigious university of Argentina, in which the most respected Philosophy professors presented the themes developed in the book.


Social listening results provided the insights that were key to decide where we were going to develop the action.

We created 200 books - 100% handmade.These were sent to schools, universities and various influencers from different media. All of them shared in an organic way how honored they felt for being amongst the selected group to receive one of these limited editions. In just minutes all the content they did in their own private social networks, using #catedramerli, became viral.

Hundreds of users were asking for a copy, so these influencers asked for us to send them more handbooks so they could make a challenge for their fans to win a copy. We sent them more and the whole campaign became a success in the first day.

Unexpectedly, influencers were creating content around the handbook big time, inspiring users with Merli’s classes.


200 limited edition printed books were sent to schools, universities and influencers who in return amplified our show's communication organically in their handles reaching over 11M people. Interest in the book peaked and many asked us for more copies so they could give away to their students or followers.

Ebook: over 100K visits and 88K complete readings in just 24 hours.

The "promotional" video released on Netflix social networks: over 585K views, 12K likes and 6K shares in just 4 hours.

Only 1 day after launching the book in its different formats, we produced an open masterclass in the most prestigious university of the country: the Aula Magna of the University of Buenos Aires. School of Law. The event, with an audience at full capacity, was also broadcasted via live streaming on Netflix social networks, reaching over 29K views in just 8 minutes.

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