Happy New Year Bob

VERBA, Milan / AUDI / 2017

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Every year, millions of people – especially young people - are involved in road accidents caused by drinking, mostly during the holydays season when more alcoholic drinks are consumed. As a responsible car maker who cares about drivers’ and passengers’ safety, Audi decided to do something about it. We set our objective on affecting the main behaviour causing accidents – i.e. drinking and driving - by changing the perception of coolness of staying sober while on a night out.


A guerrilla stunt in real time where we alcohol tested a number of people and provided the few “Bobs” with a brand new Audi A5 for the night, in one of the coolest disco of the most fashionable and trendy city in Italy. When choosing the hero car for the operation, we went for an Audi A5, a model targeted at a grown up market segment, to suggest that Bob is not the boring “good kid” but the most adult and leading personality of the bunch.

The stunt was filmed and put on Audi Italia’s social profiles in to maximize awareness and reach as well as return on the brand equity.

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