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Heineken - Radio 2023

BBH, New York / HEINEKEN / 2023

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Heineken Silver is the biggest new product launch in Heineken USA’s history. It’s a lighter, more sessionable beer that still has plenty of taste, designed for the millions of younger Americans who are moving away from traditional beer in favor of lighter, less bitter drinks.

Our objective is to win a new generation of American drinkers. We want Heineken Silver to become their go-to sessionable drink for social moments.

Our brief for radio was to memorably land the fact that Heineken Silver is a new lighter beer with ”all the taste, no bitter endings”, driving awareness and trial among this younger audience.


Many US beer drinkers find traditional beers too bitter and instead choose lighter alternatives. However, these alternatives are often disappointingly bland.

New Heineken Silver is a game-changer, bringing all the taste of a full-bodied beer, but none of the bitter aftertaste.

We launched with a big idea that celebrated why Heineken Silver was perfect for the US: “All The Taste, No Bitter Endings”.


We have just launched and our radio spots are part of a larger effort. The goal is to win over 3 million younger drinkers by the first year and become their go-to sessionable drink for sociable moments. Currently, we are on course to smash our targets, with Heineken Silver driving positive market share growth in Q1 for the Heineken Franchise (+5 bps YTD).

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