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LEPUB, Milan / HEINEKEN / 2023

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Mexico is one of the most beer-consuming countries in Latin America with 234 units of 330 ml per person, on average, per year. But despite these good figures, the reality is that the three most consumed beer brands in the country are Mexican.

In this context, how could Heineken, a foreign brand, penetrate the local population and achieve the notoriety it has in other countries? How could it do it with a tight budget, punished by the cutback in advertising investment as a result of all the socio-political events that were taking place? And if that wasn't enough, how to communicate it in a country where the display of alcohol consumption in advertising is forbidden?

By appealing to the three qualities that have always characterised the brand: freshness, sociability and wit.


We have all read the word Heineken a million times. We're sick of seeing that logo in every bar, on every street , at every football match... But inside the word Heineken itself we discovered something that has been in plain sight all this time, but which nobody had ever noticed.

Inside the letter "H" of Heineken there is a glass of Heineken. A gleaming, glistening, appetising Heineken glass, just like the millions that have been served throughout history.

Something too big to pass up.

So we decided to use these hidden glasses as the main focus of our communication. We exposed them and made them the protagonists of our stories. Stories that on the other hand communicated the main values of the brand: Its role as a social connector and that refreshing first sip, which determines the end of the working day and the beginning of a great night.


The campaign couldn't be simpler in execution.

Against a flat corporate green background, the Heineken logo was taken, duplicated, enlarged and rotated.

It was then overlapped to achieve visually striking results.

But it was not a casual, empty design. This whole process was intentionally done with the intention of communicating a message, which would then be accompanied by a headline that would reinforce it further.

In one of the visuals, the letter "e" simulates a Heineken consumer smiling after having enjoyed the first sip of his beer, probably the best of all.

In the other, the two capital "H's" reveal their Heineken glasses toasting to a great night together, as that is the ultimate goal of the brand.


Impact: The daily impact per press is 2.8 people which is within our target audience.

Reach: The daily reach per publication makes us reach 453,600 people.

Engagement: Having communication in this medium where attention is higher due to relevant information, makes it more effective for the message to be received.

Change in Behaviour: They feel more interested in the information that the medium offers, so the consideration towards the publications increases. Brand perception: By seeing our brand in a medium that is relevant to their interests, they feel the brand is more present and closer to them.

Achievement against objectives: The daily circulation of 162,000 newspapers passes through 2.8 people, impacting 453,600 people within our target audience. As it is a relevant medium and in tune with their interests and tastes, they trust the brands that advertise in this medium, consider them as part of their habits and tastes.

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