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AKQA , Stockholm / H&M / 2021


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You wouldn’t think twice about recycling glass, a PET bottle, or newspaper. But the sad truth is that 87% of clothing ends up as landfill - globally. To help fight climate change, fashion needs to change. H&M is on a mission to do this, by bringing circularity into the heart of the retail experience. So, together with the Hong Kong Research Institute of Technology and the H&M Foundation, they developed Looop - the world’s first in-store garment-to-garment recycling system.

The brief was to create the overall commercial idea and concept of Looop. This included the visual identity, interior design, digital and interactive concept, to showcase Looop in H&M’s flagship store on Drottninggatan in Stockholm, Sweden.


The design concept was to echo a creative fashion atelier, celebrating the craft and process at the core of this new technology, rather than the end product. As such, the interior design of the space is reminiscent of an exhibition, guiding visitors on a journey that old garments take towards becoming new. The team architected a fully digital customer experience across every touchpoint, to weave together product and service. H&M’s signature red was brought to life, both as the heart of the colour pallet and the literal red thread throughout the experience. This included a striking yarn installation to create intrigue from passers-by on the street and to guide customers up into the space from within the store.


"Getting customers on board is key to achieving real change." Pascal Brun, Head of Sustainability at H&M.

Our approach was to create an immersive experience that connected customers with Looop, to not only experience first-hand this revolutionary in-store recycling system, but also to learn more about the process within. So, we set about to create an interactive and immersive space that felt connected to the shopping experience. Following on from H&M becoming the first fashion retailer to introduce a global program of in-store recycling bins in 2013, we wanted to create a space that felt as intuitive and helped to change behaviours. To encourage customers to bring in their old clothes to recycle, then and there. Immediate gratification and an easy process to help close the intention to action gap.


A stunning glass box was created to house Looop to reveal the remake process to all. Via an intuitive app, customers can remake with Looop, selecting size and from 1 of 8 ready-to-wear designs that Looop recycles their preloved garment into, right in front of their eyes and without water or chemicals. Opposite the machine, eight giant screens balancing on the floor, display the end-to-end process within the recycling system. All eight steps depicted at a macro-level as beautifully animated loops, brought to life as customers walk by. ASMR sound showers enrich the animations to create a truly immersive and sensory experience. A striking red yarn installation weaves its way through the store, up from the ground floor, working as a way-finder, to bring customers into the remake space. While an accompanying website brings this revolutionary recycling system and its story to a global audience.


Despite being launched in October 2020 during the height of Corona restrictions in Sweden, spots to remake with Looop booked out within weeks, for four months in advance. The remake space was carefully managed to follow the strictest safety measures, allowing customers to explore from day one.

News of Looop quickly spread around the world, with over 500 articles, across 55 markets, sharing Looop’s story. The overall and combined social media reach of the campaign exceeded 15 million.

While Looop in Stockholm is the first in-store garment-to-garment machine of its kind, H&M plans to take Looop into other markets and stores. HKRITA has also made the technology available for license. To encourage all brands and companies within the fashion industry to join the recycling revolution. To change how we all see our old garments, not as waste but a resource.

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