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Every year on April 15th, the Jackie Robinson Day is celebrated. On that day, all players, coaches, and managers in every team, as well as the umpires, wear #42 (Robison’s uniform number) on their jerseys. 2019 is the year of Jackie Robinson's 100th birthday. The brand’s challenge was to honor his legacy in a way that showed that the importance of such a relevant figure goes way beyond his sport and his times.


Jackie Robinson was more than a baseball star. Besides being an extraordinary player, he was also a trailblazer. In 1947 he broke the color barrier and became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. With that in mind, we designed different posters with impactful words that represent the essence of Robinson’s legacy in the sport and in his work with civil rights. The posters became the visual of our entire out-of-home campaign.


The campaign was developed and designed to transform Jackie Robinson’s 100th anniversary in an opportunity to remember, highlight and honor his importance to the history of diversity and inclusion.

That meant, not only creating and special edition of our bottle, a promotional baseball and mesmerizing posters, but making all of them embody the campaign, by integrating several unique design elements, such as the unity of two parts (reinforced by two different colors – black and white), reminding us of the break of the “Color Barrier”, the red stiches that unite the two parts (the color of our brand), Jackie Robinson’s signature and his legendary number.


To represent Jackie Robinson's legacy, the posters integrate several unique design elements. On it, we see the word "Hope", Jackie Robinson's signature, his legendary number, and the coexistence and unity of two parts (reinforced by two different colors – black and white), which reminds us of the break of the Color Barrier. The baseball stitches that unite the two parts are red, the iconic color of our brand.


The posters instantly created an impact. Connecting our brand to the baseball world and, at the same time, reviving such an important story of diversity and inclusion was seen as a bold, ethic move for such a big brand. The design choices were so successful in translating the importance of Jackie's legacy for our days that the visuals were adopted across our entire campaign.

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