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WaterAid’s vision is a world where everyone everywhere has safe water, sanitation and hygiene, so we needed an idea that highlights the problem but offers an immediate opportunity to help: The Hope Locker.

Over 2.5M people swim at least once a week in the UK (Source: BBC, 2015), yet we take the clean water we swim in for granted. We created an innovative idea that presented an arresting message in a timely and contextually relevant way, which took people out of their comfort zone.

The Hope Locker incorporated a donation platform within coin-operated swimming pool lockers, which delivered a powerful, relevant message about the number child fatalities caused by poor water sanitation. The swimmer could then decide whether or not to donate their £1 coin used to operate the locker to WaterAid.


The Hope Locker is a micro donation platform that marries an interactive display with a coin-operated changing room locker. When you return from the pool to get changed and open your locker, you see exactly how many children have died from drinking dirty water in the time you’ve been swimming.

You’re then prompted with the fact that the £1 sitting in the locker right now could help. Do you really want it back? The technology also features an opportunity to capture data, allowing WaterAid to form an on-going conversation (and relationship) with new supporters.

To put our concept to the test, we selected a swimming pool in the affluent area of Richmond, Surrey. An area that not only contains a high proportion of valuable ABC1 consumers but would also amplify the contrast with our message from the developing world.


The initial test of the Hope Locker generated a huge response. The trial suggested that Hope Locker could be an efficient and effective way for charities like WaterAid to generate income, while also raising awareness and engagement for the cause.

Based on 240 lockers the projected 12-month revenue would be £136,000 per year, per swimming pool.

‘The smartest experiential & charity marketing campaign you'll see this year’ – Econsultancy

‘Rory Surtherland would love this…it’s a brilliant demonstration of right message, right time and right place’ – Patrick Collister, Directory Magazine

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