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After riding in the scorching summer heats for 8 to 10 hours a day and earning less than 10 US Dollars a day, they have a tough time providing for their families as it is. Thinking about a safe source of drinking water is the last in the list of things they have to think about. The idea was to build a safe drinking water solution around their existing lifestyle - The Pedal Pure works with the kinetic energy generated by the rickshaw puller themselves as they pedal and take riders over to a destination of their choice. Once the ride is finished, the rickshaw puller gets to have a drink of the water that he himself filtered. With a membrane filter that filter’s out impurities, the Pedal Pure become a safer alternative to water in his and his family’s daily lifestyle.


A small-scale survey was conducted to understand how much a rickshaw puller can afford to spend to improve on the current situation. The findings suggested that if they don’t have to spend anything it’s the best for them! Considering this fact, the technique was to provide a solution that adds value to their lifestyle. A modular design, which takes less than 15 minutes to install and could be done by the rickshaw pullers themselves, would add to the acceptance of the solution. They would be more willing to adopt the idea, if it didn’t disrupt too much of their daily life. A peristaltic pump was locally designed and paired with a membrane filter. The overall cost of the Pedal Pure system was kept at a minimum so that giving it away would make sense. After initial prototyping and water tests, the system was installed in Rickshaws in Dhaka.


The product was implemented in 5 rickshaws in the city. Any innovation requires the acceptance of stake holders and the general population of a country. Because each Pedal Pure filter takes under 18 dollars to produce, the acceptance would ensure a mass production of the solution.

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