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DEUTSCH, New York / AB INBEV / 2019

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As the largest beer company in the world, Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) has an enormous workforce consisting of over 200,000 employees. The company wanted to re-energize the company by inspiring a deeper passion and knowledge for beer amongst its workforce. While they all enjoy the taste of beer, understanding the intricacies of everything behind the beer (the brewing process, ingredients, flavor profiles, history) is a daunting and academic undertaking. A task that employees didn’t have time for among their daily responsibilities.

We received a simple brief with a challenging task. Cultivate a new workplace culture centered around a passion for beer and beer-making through creative technology. Our objective? To educate & engage people with what they need to know about beer and ABI brands to inspire a deeper passion for beer.


Most learning apps aren’t fun — or competitive. Hoppy is both. Our goal was to create a beer-inspired design system that encourages learning through play, both in-app and IRL.

So we created a learning environment that broke the mold of corporate training programs to ensure employees would enjoy the experience enough consistently come back to it regardless of other workplace demands. One that any employee could have with them at any time — right in their pockets.


Our app takes the form of a frothy pint glass, and badges, illustrations, and photography bring to life the textures of the beer-making process, which we launched in three offices with over 600 employees.

The interface reveals progress thru design cues. In the Daily Challenge, users try to beat the clock — visualized by draining beer — to earn Beercoin. The guided learning Flights, Hoppy’s short, snackable content sections, have progress bars showing how much time is left to read.

The app also encourages IRL beer experiences. Scan a Beercode at Happy Hour, and talk to your colleagues about how you’re going to dethrone them from the Leaderboard.


Hoppy quickly became the most useful and entertaining learning tool for ABI employees with many employees reporting that it taught them more about Beer than anything else since joining the company.

63% Adoption Rate

441 Total Users (632 Target)

95 Event Check-Ins

• Other KPIs

2,000+ Lessons Completed

1,900+ Flights Completed

1,900 Daily Quizzes Completed

22,500+ Daily Challenges Taken

975,000+ Beercoins Earned

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