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Corona SunSets Music Festival

ID&T, New York / AB INBEV / 2016

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Corona SunSets is designed to celebrate the magical hour of the sunset. The core creative idea captures that moment when the noise of the day has gone and the mood shifts noticeably, but night and all of its revelries have not yet descended. It is a moment when time seems to slow down and nature puts on a spectacular show, bringing with it a sense of renewal and ease. More importantly, this is a key time when friends gather – after a day at the beach, a day of skiing or a day at work – to share this moment of bliss. This creative idea is based on the celebration and sharing of the sunset moment and provides the through line for all touch points, from festival activations to ancillary activities in the market.


Execution of the creative idea is visible from the moment attendees step through the ceremonial entrance gate and are greeted by ethereal Corona goddesses. Guests are invited to write their wishes and dreams on a flag installation that then travels to all other festival destinations, growing with each tour stop. All festival activations invite guests to share moments with their friends – a sit down dinner at the Chef’s Table, a Be Part of the Tribe area where one could be made up with face paint and gold tattoos, cozy hang out areas to relax and watch the sunset and a panorama tower that looks out over the festival, providing the perfect photo opportunity. On a larger level, the festival stays premium, with a global aesthetic, but is always sure to pull in local flavor through crafts, food, artisans and music as to remain authentic.


Engagement for each one-day festival spans a three month period. This includes the promotional period, day of festival and post event. 2015 saw the Corona SunSets Festival in 8 markets, including a city SunSets in China and a winter version in Chile. On a festival level, each event generates over 20 million impressions with social engagement coming from attendees, fans and artists. Attendance numbers and ticket sales garner consistently great results with 5,000 – 10,000 people per event, depending on venue size and sold out tickets at a majority of the events with prices of up to $65 per ticket. In instances like Australia, Corona has seen tickets selling for over $200 on the secondary market. On a local level, there are over 3,000 SunSet Sessions events in bars, parks, beaches and mountaintops. The program continues to evolve and succeed with each market visited, all while upholding brand integrity.

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