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Oscar Schmidt chose the hard way and became a legend. That’s why Budweiser had to rewrite this story.

In an unprecedented partnership with NBA, we got Oscar Schmidt to play his first NBA game, at age 59. The All-Star Weekend is an official event that brings together great stars and is broadcasted for over 160 countries.

Oscar was the first player who never played in the league to be invited for the event. To that end, he went back to training 14 years after having retired. He overcame the pain and was honored many times. And on February 17th he finally made his NBA debut.

If there was something left in Oscar’s career, now there isn’t any more.


In January, in a Facebook Live, we revealed NBA invitation for Oscar’s debut. The invitation made Oscar’s story become news again. During this period, he was invited by several TV programs in Brazil.

Oscar entered the court on February having scored all his throws, and finally made his debut at NBA.

Oscar’s presence strengthened people’s interest in the event, attracting even an audience that normally does not watch NBA. Oscar’s participation was the high point of the game that counted on the largest audience in Brazil compared to the past years, touching the hearts of millions around the world.

A month after the game, we launched at a cinema premiere a 17-minute documentary produced by ESPN Films. The documentary told the story of Oscar Schmidt and showed his physical training to go back to the court. It was aired in ESPN’s programs and is available in the on-demand video platform.


• Oscar’s game had the biggest audience of this kind of event in Brazil’s history.

• The campaign had more than 217 MM impressions.

• More than 64 million people were impacted by earned media.

• Budweiser search increased 226% during the campaign.

• 96% of the campaign mentions were positive.

• #OscarnaNBA were world top trending topic on Twitter.

• The Oscar’s game had the biggest audience of event in Brazil’s history.

• Oscar was invited to several TV shows and received many other tributes.

• During the campaign, Adidas launched special basketball sneakers for the game, using the campaign’s hashtag.

• Despite Oscar having never played in the league, NBA put his possible Jersey up for sale in Brazil, and it was sold out in only 4 hours.

• The action has also generated a 17-minute documentary film, produced by ESPN.

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