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Team Guaraní

KAUSA, Asuncion / AB INBEV / 2017

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The agency decided it would tell the amazing untold story of how Paraguay's indigenous people’s team achieved the greatest honors despite the hardships. It would honor the players, and in the process, begin to break the taboos and discrimination that difficult the integration of indigenous people into society and professional sports.

To do this we would use a format that was relatively unknown in Paraguay: Web Series. These would focus on the individual and collective stories of the indigenous young players that where forgotten by mainstream media.


We selected 4 different Paraguayan movie directors to produce 4 web series that would put a voice, a face and name to each of these forgotten heroes. The campaign started with a 30s teaser that gave a preliminary look into what was to come in the five chapters. It appeared on all main national TV networks and movie cinemas a week before the Cup of the Americas football competition started.

The next phase of the campaign was leaded by social media where we posted one web serie a week on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. The videos also lived on a specially created Pilsen microsite.

We launched a full spectrum ATL (above the line) activity with OOH, radio and PR initiatives to promote the different chapters of the web series.

Finally, we sent the chapters to the main Paraguayan sports media outlets that had initially ignored the indigenous team’s victory.


The campaign achieved 15M media impressions and earned media value was valued at 1,2M USD.

Sales shot up 300% in 2016.

The story was reported on all major Paraguayan media outlets, and sports outlets finally brought the feat the attention it deserved.

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