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Human Nature

THE MILL, Chicago / SAMSUNG / 2018

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'Human Nature' is a global film based on the insight that we're all born with a natural ability to do things we can't. The vignette spot shows how at our early ages, we're naturally inclined to do things we could never do before. And the world encourages us to. We walk, we swim, we bike. But as we grow older, the world teaches us we can't do certain things. And we start to believe it. Set to 'All the Things That I've Done' by the Killers, the film reminds us that we all naturally have the ability to achieve the impossible, demonstrating how Samsung products play a role in helping us defy the barriers we face in life and do what can't be done.


Our biggest challenge was to cast an array of the different looks and people that represent the global nature of what we’re portraying with this universal concept. We did this by selecting talent of different ages, genders, and ethnicities. Shot in South Africa, the team made callbacks in various locations around the globe, from London to Toronto, Madrid and Cape Town. For some of the characters, we opted to cast 'everyday' people with no previous acting experience bringing more authenticity to every scenes. Parents were paired with their actual children - like in the bike and pool scenes. And, for the pivotal moment in the film – the handicapped woman filled with self-doubt – we cast a young woman who had lost her long just two years prior with her real mom, creating a genuine connection we wouldn’t otherwise have obtained.

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