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Hydrogen Garbage Truck

INNOCEAN, Seoul / HYUNDAI / 2023

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We encounter garbage trucks daily. The problem is that the smoke, heat, and noise of garbage trucks are severely damaging the health of sanitation workers. In particular, the exhaust was the cause of the high risk of lung cancer for sanitation workers.

Hydrogen Garbage Truck is zero-emission with minimal noise and heat emission, dramatically improving the work environment for sanitation workers. Particularly, the portable sink using water, the only by-product of the hydrogen car was the most necessary function for sanitation workers, who were unable to clean themselves during work.

By solving the chronic problem of garbage trucks with hydrogen car technology, consumers could experience the advantages of hydrogen cars in their daily lives. As a result, our campaign showed how effective hydrogen technology can be when it is used where it is most needed and how eco-friendly hydrogen technology can make our lives better.

[Hydrogen Garbage Truck Optimized For Sanitation Workers’ Health]

The most important feature of the Hydrogen Garbage Truck is the portable sink using water, the only by-product of the vehicle. Sanitation workers are exposed to a variety of pollutants while collecting garbage. (An average of 260,000 bacteria are detected from the body of a sanitation worker)

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