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Demand for electric vehicles is rapidly growing 4 million EV units are expected to be sold globally in 2020. 8 out of 10 EV owners are not satisfied with their current charging experience.

The current high-capacity EV chargers force the user to lift a heavy and usually dirty connector to charge because vehicle charging ports are all in different positions. High-capacity DC combo connector and liquid-cooled cable are difficult to operate because of its weight and stiffness.

In order to solve current usability issues, Hi-Charger is designed for an experience that allows a ‘zero-gravity’ connection.


Hi-Charger is designed to benefit people regardless of age, gender and disability.

The idea is based on offering a weightless charging experience by reducing the user's direct contact with the charger.

The user often leave the connector on the ground after charging because returning connector to its original position requires an additional work.

Automatic cable length adjustment solution is adapted for solving weight issue, and it provides one touch cable return.

The currend EV charging ports are all in different positions. The user has to lift and drag heavy connector to the vehicle's charging port. Hi-Charger offers 3 different charging port selections on the screen. The connector automatically rotates to 3 different charging port positions and descends to a convenient level from the top. The user barely feels the weight of the cable while making connection.


Hi-Charger offers a quick and easy charging port orientation selection for weightless charging experience.

A charging cable automatically aligns above the car's charging port based on the charging port selection.

The cable descends to a convenient level from the top, and the cable length can be fine-tuned with micro adjustment functions.

The zero-gravity connector offers a weightless experience for flawless connection.

The charging progress could be monitored in real time through the dedicated application.

The connector automatically retracts into the overhead unit with one touch of the button.

After charging, the users simply touch the button for connector return and drive away.

A motion detect sensor is inserted in the bottom of connector for the user safety. The connector automatically stops movement when the sensor detects obstacles.


26 November 2019 - Hi-Charger launched in Goyang, Korea

16 April 2020 - Design patent confirmed in Korea

01 September 2020 - Hi-Charger station in Seoul, Korea

12 June 2021 - Hi-Charger station in Korea parliament, Seoul, Korea

24 August 2021 - Hi-Charger station in Jeju island, Korea

22 October 2021 - Hi-Chrger station in Daegu, Korea


Hyundai expects to construct over 10 Hi-Charger stations in Korea before 2022.

Hi-Charger encourages people to drive more electric vehicles for a sustainable future.

Hi-Charger contributes to increase electric vehicle sales in Korea.

A design patent is agreed in Korea.

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