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CREO/YOUNG & RUBICAM, Bratislava / HYUNDAI / 2015

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HYUNDAI is a family car maker who wanted to reach every young family in Slovakia. It came to their attention that Slovak hospitals are suffering the impact of decreasing government funding.

Most of them are forced to find solutions to tackle their own shortage of equipment. As a result, newborns are being carried in modified shopping carts. Being a family car maker, Hyundai could not come to terms with this situation. So, we created the HYUNDAI ix1; a hospital grade trolley which would help hospital carry babies safely on their first days, while creating a stronger bond between the brand and their main target group: families.

After the official presentation to the press, most news channels spread the word about this initiative. The public celebrated the project and soon most hospitals in Slovakia were requesting our baby trolleys. While, we have already helped several of them, in the future we hope to provide all hospitals in the country with the ix1.


HYUNDAI engineered a new baby trolley which was designed to be a reflection of their real cars. A trolley, that carried the two main characteristics of the brand: safety and comfort. The HYUNDAI ix1 was officially presented to the press, and the initiative spread in different channels with little media expenditure.


The campaign was featured in over 50 news channels. The free advertising generated was worth 85 times the original media expenditure. The initiative was celebrated by hospitals in the country and most of them contacted Hyundai to request their own ix1. Hyundai’s objective is to provide all Slovak hospitals with baby trolleys. Furthermore, Mexico and Korea have also expressed their desire to implement this idea in the future.

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