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We set out to create a garbage disposal mechanism that would be practical and benefit all those on the road, driving or travelling in their Hyundai cars.

The solution had to ensure that the drivers/passengers were not inconvenienced with regards to disposing litter while they were on the road.

Thus the "Swachh Can" was created to stop garbage disposal right where it's created. Literally, at an arm's length from all those who were in the vehicle.

This portable garbage disposal can was designed to fit into a cup-holder slot of every Hyundai car. If a traveller eating potato wafers/chocolate bar/candies/banana had the need to dispose off the packaging, they could do so inside their car into the 'Swachh Can' without littering on the road.



To launch the "Swachh Can", we took a high decibel event (Asia's largest Auto Expo 2018) and Bollywood's biggest celebrity (Shahrukh Khan). This combination attracted massive attention from press and people generating huge mileage and goodwill for Hyundai.


The "Swachh Can" initiative took 4 months to be implemented from the time of conceptualisation to launch.

Idea presented - November 2017

Design approval - December 2017

3D structure design & prototype development - January 2018

Production of units for launch - February 2018

Implementation as standard fitment across all Hyundai cars - March 1, 2018 onwards.

Placement: The "Swachh Can" was designed to fit the cup-holder slot (next to gear box) of every Hyundai car.

Scale: "Swachh Can" was launched nationally and Hnew yundai cars being sold pan-India were provided with the factory-fitted 'Swachh Can'. Also, old Hyundai cars brought for service were fitted with "Swachh Cans".


Media output:

Integrated campaign launched at largest Auto Expo 2018 with best use of ATL, Digital media & PR. Message delivered pan-India across existing & potential audiences to enhance emotional connect. PR coverage & presence of celebrity brand ambassador helped the brand earn free media worth USD 5.8 Mn.

TA outcomes:

Consumer awareness about car littering and its effect on environment has increased with the integrated campaign running across media platforms (TV, Print, PR, Digital, OOH).

Consumer behavior change witnessed - new Hyundai car owners appreciative & using the mini trash can regularly. Older Hyundai owners have requested for the product at the time of service.

Business Outcome:

With emotions related to clean environment riding high and recent increase in pollution levels across India being debated across forums, Hyundai appreciated for launching an initiative that would help reduce car littering.

Activity helped strengthen Hyundai imagery as 'caring' brand given current context of automakers being seen as adding to pollution.

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