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Baseball is still America’s national pastime. One of the most important stars of this beloved sport was Jackie Robinson, who was not only an extraordinary player but also a trailblazer.

Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947: he was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. After retiring, he became a full-fledged leader in the Civil Rights Movement, inspiring future generations to fight for racial equality.

He’s so important that every year on April 15th the Jackie Robinson Day is celebrated. On that day, all players, coaches, and managers in every team, as well as the umpires, wear #42 (Robison’s uniform number) on their jerseys.

2019 is the year of Jackie Robinson's 100th birthday.

In a moment the United States is more divided than ever, the brand wanted to deliver an impactful message about diversity and inclusion by honoring Jackie Robinson’s legacy.


We created a powerful film that draws a parallel between the late forties and the present times, delivering an impactful message about diversity and inclusion. To honor Jackie Robinson’s legacy as it should ideally be, the film was directed by Spike Lee.


In order to create relevant entertainment for our times and deliver a powerful message in the sports universe, the film shows what Jackie’s struggle meant in the forties and still means nowadays. To do that, there was no one better than Spike Lee, who has always conveyed the importance of diversity and inclusion in his work.


The direction of the film made the spirit of the campaign grow. It superbly captured the similarities between the fights Jackie Robinson went through in the forties and the fight for inclusion that so many people still have to face every day. By conveying this, the director was able to show the importance of diversity for every society.

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